Thursday, July 9, 2015

Guest Post: Help the Kitties!

Help the Kitties
By EGC, 9 years old

Hi! This is E telling you to Help the Kitties! This idea popped into my mind as we left an animal shelter called Plano Animal Services. Here, let me tell you about it. 

So, we came in to donate food. We wanted to take a look around, so we did. First, we looked at the kitties. I thought it was so sad to see cats or kittens cooped up in what looked like a tiny glass box. But I knew that was the best thing… for right now at least. They were strays, hurt, sick or depressed. Cats can die if they are depressed, you know. Then we looked at the dogs. They were big, small, tiny and so cute! You can meet the cats and dogs in a room. The really BIG dogs are outside. 

Of course, we wanted to adopt 9,000 of them, they were so cute. We adopted a cat there who died. He was very sick and we did not know it. But we took care of him. 

Okay, on to the next thing! This is the story of how we got our cat, Percy. One day, while I was at school, my mom went to PetSmart to get food for our old cat,Thomas. While she was there, she looked at the cats available for adoption. She saw a cute little buff colored tabby in one of the bottom cages. His original name was Lampshade. She thought he was very cute. 

After school, she talked to daddy and I about the cute kitty. She also talked to his foster mom to learn more about him. We agreed to let him visit our home to see if he liked our cat, Thomas. We decided to adopt him. Sadly, Thomas died shortly after that, and Percy took over the house. 

We like to pretend he talks and is my brother. He calls me Sissy. He liked to drink water out of cups! We think it’s weird. But he doesn’t! 

Please help the poor cats and dogs at animal shelters all around the world. They want you. They want love. And they know that you want them too!

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