Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Crazy days of summer...

We are at that oh-so-critical point of the summer...

...It is officially a bazillion degrees outside.
...My house is terribly dirty from all of our comings and goings.
...I am horridly behind on client work.
...My sweet girl goes back to school in two weeks, and I'm not ready!
...There are so many things left on our summer "to do list".
...I am sick of cooking and nothing sounds good anymore....except wine. And chocolate.

This point of the summer always brings such a mix of emotions. Did E have too much screen time? Oh no...I am not ready for her to start the next grade!? I will miss her when she goes back to school! I will have to pack lunches! (wah!) My clients are going to fire me because I have been so unresponsive! Did we do all of the things on our summer to do list? Do I have all of the school supplies? And on and on and on...

And this year, there are new challenges...

...Two of E's best friends at school moved away.
...The neighbor's granddaughter down the street moved away. The neighbors are moving, too.
...E starts Latin this year and will have much more homework. She is excited (right now.) I am apprehensive.

As we end this summer and head into a new school year, I pray.  I ask God to give hubby and I the wisdom and strength to guide E through each new day and to truly be present for her during these crazy days.  I ask God to give me the discernment to know when to tell my clients "no" and when to tell my daughter "yes". I ask for patience, peace, strength and understanding.  I cannot do this parenting thing alone.  I am thankful for my faithful husband, and my perfect Savior who are both with me every step of the way.

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