Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Crazy nuts. . .

We have had a super busy summer so far: swimming lessons, Mommy-n-E school, visits from out of town friends, and much more.  This week, we are totally consumed by the wonderful-fun-but-totally-exhausting process that is Vacation Bible School. For the second year in a row, I am in charge of crafts for preschool 3's through grade 6....and I don't do it alone, believe me, I have some totally amazing helpers.  The leader of my "big kid" room has been with me doing this for two years, and a young lady in my preschool room has, too - they are both rock stars in their little art domains with the children - it's awesome to see them in action!

The whole process awesome and crazy all at the same time. So much planning goes into each activity, then the mornings go by in a flash. We had 99 kids at the church yesterday - some of whom we've never met - it was awesome to spend some time with them and have fun with them and show them Jesus. Two days down, three to go.  Thank you, Jesus, for the opportunity to work hard and have fun with these great helpers and amazing kiddos!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Some things never get old . . .

Even though E is a good swimmer and has had two years of swimming lessons, sometimes playing in a kiddie pool satisfies the need to splash.  I didn't have time to take E to the "big" pool yesterday afternoon - since we got home late in the afternoon from a business meeting I had - but she was looking for some swimming fun, so I offered to fill up our old "baby pool". It's a big one, so she had plenty of room to splash and play and cool off.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mommy-and-E school 2012: Week One

We're at it again this year! After having so much fun with "Mommy and E school" last year, E was excited to get started on fun activities with Mommy again this year. In fact, she asked me about seven times yesterday when we were going to "do school".

Each week, we have a theme, and we read books and do crafts incorporating that theme. (Week one's theme:  swimming and the beach/ocean - to fit in with our current round of swim lessons. Fun!) We also work on a variety of skills worksheets featuring spelling, math, handwriting and more. E loves to learn and loves "arting" and "worksheets" and school. This has been a great way for her to spend some of her summer time - doing something she loves!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Swimming lessons, take one!

Suit? Check. Sunscreen? Check.
Mad swimming skills? Check.
Here we go!

(We're back again this year for more
swimming lessons with the amazing Miss Ann
Little fish cannot wait to get into the water!)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kindergarten: That's a wrap!

E has had a wonderful year in Kindergarten! Her teacher was a dear friend of mine that I grew up with, E had nine fantastic classmates, she grew, learned and flourished. It has been amazing year. I cannot believe my sweet girl is now SIX YEARS OLD, and in August she will start first grade. This is getting serious, folks . . . she's not a "baby" anymore!

First day of Kindergarten: August 17, 2011

Last day of Kindergarten: June 1, 2012