Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Busy, busy, busy...

April and May are always very busy around here. 
Lots of birthdays and celebrations. The end of school is looming.
 Plays. Recitals. Special events.  
Freelance projects. Yard work. Special celebrations.

Last Friday, E and her entire school put on a walk-a-thon 
to raise money for a local homeless shelter. 
(E's efforts raised $200! She was so excited!)

  I've really seen a spirit of philanthropy 
developing in E as of late....
wanting to help others in various ways. 

Raising funds. Sending a special card or a note. 
Sharing a hug or a smile. Showing Christ's love.

So proud of my sweet girl.  
Her heart for service is growing in the midst 
of these busy, busy days. What a treasure!